FFA Career Development Event

FFA Career Development Event
Posted on 01/04/2024
West Perry FFA members who attended the Winter Career Development Events.

On December 12, 2023, 39 West Perry FFA members attended the Cumberland, Perry, and Dauphin Winter Career Development Events, which were held at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. This event consisted of 6 different competitions. These contests included FFA Knowledge, Environmental and Natural Resources, Nursery and Landscaping, Milk Quality and Products, Small Gas Engines, and Employment Skills.

The first contest is FFA Knowledge, which is specifically for freshman members. During the contest, members are quizzed on their knowledge of FFA history and current national and PA state officers. Team A placed 3rd overall and consisted of Grant Innerst, Corbin Shambaugh, and Kaylin Mitten. Team B, consisting of Richard Holstine, Jensyn Dillman, and Lucas Kauffman, placed 2nd overall.

In Environmental and Natural Resources, competitors were tasked with identifying trees, fish, insects and other organisms and being tested on natural resource regulations and guidelines. From West Perry, Reese Fedder placed 3rd overall, Kyle Martinez placed 5th, Hunter Johnson placed 8th, Dylan Grove placed 10th, Kaiden Palm placed 11th, Keegan Anthony placed 12th, and Stevie Kralik placed 19th.

 Another event that members competed in was Nursery and Landscaping. In this event, members are tested on plant and tool identification, basic plant knowledge, and a practicum on propagating a plant. Reagan True placed 3rd, Carla Campbell placed 5th, Rylee Fuller placed 9th, and Ava Wagner placed 25th.

 In Small Gas Engines, competing members were tested on tool identification and shop safety. Members also had to identify and fix different issues with their engine so that it worked properly. The team in first place was from West Perry and consisted of Arden Fedder and Sawyer Seidel. The team consisting of Olivia Neff and Dale Pfeil placed 7th.

The next event offered at Winter CDEs was Employment Skills. For this contest, students must prepare a resume, cover letter, and completed job application in advance. Students complete a networking activity, a mock interview,and a follow up thank you letter at the contest. In 3rd place was Katlynn Leber, 13th was Sadie Innerst, and in 14th place was Lila Kretzing. Hunter Brennan, Lucian Kretzing, and Ariana Alverado-Schroder also participated.

The final contest was Milk Quality and Products. At this contest, members must take a written exam about milk marketing and the dairy industry. Then, they are tasked with identifying cheese, milk, off flavors in milk, and other dairy product samples. Gavin Neff placed 2nd, Foster Meek placed 3rd, Will Reisinger placed 4th, Sayde Weidenhof placed 6th, Brodie Neal placed 7th, Leah Clouse placed 8th, Emily Kern placed 9th, Draven Stout placed 10th, Gavin Ott placed 12. Henna Windemaker and Rosalind Zellers also competed.

Congratulations to all members on their success!

Submitted By: Lila Kretzing

West Perry FFA Reporter


Photo Caption: West Perry FFA members who attended the Winter Career Development Events.