WPMS Student Assistance Team

WPMS Student Assistance Team Sponsored Breast Cancer Awareness Month Events
Posted on 11/01/2022
Pink Items

The WPMS Student Assistance Team sponsored a host of events for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. Student Council provided pink-themed items for purchase at lunch, and staff wore their pink ribbon BELIEVE shirts to promote the cause. 

Students and staff also had the opportunity to recognize and remember friends and family who had battled breast cancer. Paper hearts were available in the cafeteria so that names of those affected could be recorded and displayed in solidarity. 

A unique fundraising opportunity was also available. Donations were collected for the American Breast Cancer Foundation through Cape for a Cause. Students placed donations in containers for either Mr. Sims or Ms. LeDonne to determine who would be our pink-caped crusader. The lucky winner had to don all pink for the entire school day. 

Pink Cape

Events culminated in the Pink Out event held on October 21st. Students and staff wore as much pink as possible, and the “pinkest” flex received a prize. The yearly Cross Country Fun Run/Walk Competition was held in recognition of breast cancer warriors everywhere.