Comprehensive Plan

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires every school district in the Commonwealth to develop and submit a comprehensive plan every three years. The comprehensive plan acts as a road map – giving clarity, unity, and direction to the district’s efforts. Opportunities to create, assess, and adjust throughout the cycle empower schools to engage all stakeholders in pursuit of a shared vision for student success. The comprehensive plan is the vehicle for defining and addressing the district's most critical educational issues. 

Our Mission

To build tomorrow's future, the West Perry School District prepares, inspires, and empowers . . . every student, every day.

Our Vision

The West Perry School District, in partnership with the community, prepares students dedicated to building positive relationships, maintaining high character, achieving academic success, and possessing the global value necessary to thrive in an ever-changing, increasingly diverse world.

Our Shared Values

  • The unique abilities, interests, needs, and goals of all students should be respected. All students can learn and succeed.
  • Family and community involvement are essential to each child's educational success.
  • The quality of the teacher is the single most important factor impacting student achievement. Every student must be engaged in his/her learning. Effective use of educational technology must enhance the learning experience.
  • High ethical standards and a high standard of conduct should define the administration's interactions with both students and colleagues. Lifelong learning for students and staff should be promoted. A safe and secure environment is the right of every student and staff member.
  • Effective schools anticipate and adapt to changes within the local, national, and global context. Effective schools are accountable and add value to the community. Our community prospers from the educational experiences of its children.

District Plan Documents

West Perry School District's comprehensive plan was approved by the Board of School Directors on September 13, 2021 and by the Pennsylvania Department of Education on April, 5, 2022. This plan is in effect from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2024. 

Comprehensive Plan Overview Brochure

Complete WPSD Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 4 Comprehensive Planning Requirements

Presentation - Comprehensive Plan Update July 2023.pdf
Presentation - Comprehensive Plan Update December 2023.pdf