Threat Assessment and Management


Threat assessment and management aims to identify, assess, and intervene with individuals whose behavior suggests the potential for violence in any form –assault, risk-taking behaviors, substance misuse, and other aggressive or dangerous behaviors. It is important to note that the focus of a threat assessment process is to understand the situation and how best to mitigate safety concerns, and it is not the same as a criminal or disciplinary investigative process.

For more information:

  1. Information for School Staff, Parents and Guardians about Threat Assessment
  2. - This video was created by the State of Virginia, but Pennsylvania uses the same process as Virginia.  You can skip the first 3 minutes of the video as it is Virginia-specific information.
  3. Threat Assessment and Management Flyer

Reporting Concerns

Often, the most important piece of safety and security is obtaining key information before someone makes the decision to commit a harmful act. Receiving tips and information in advance of anything happening allows us to investigate and take proactive steps to prevent harm from occurring. If something does not look, sound, or feel right, we encourage anyone to report the concern.

There are numerous ways for students and parents/guardians to report concerns, including:

  • Tell a teacher or staff member
  • Contact the building principal
  • Contact the District's School Safety and Security Coordinator:

    Dr. Lucas Clouse, (717)789-3934 ext 5515, [email protected]

  • Use the Safe2Say Something Anonymous Reporting System website (, tipline (1-844-SAF2SAY), or mobile app (search for Safe2Say Something). 

If something happens outside of the school day, contact the local police department for an immediate response.

When fielding concerns, school administrators start with an investigation. During investigations, administrators are looking for specific details - time, location, and individuals involved. The more specific, the better. Timely reporting is also key to investigations.

School actions or discipline are based upon board policy, the Student Code of Conduct, and federal/state regulations by which schools must abide.