The West Perry School District is pleased you are considering volunteering your time to assist the staff and students of the district. Becoming a volunteer is governed by our Board Policy 916, which you may review for more details. 

To become a volunteer, you must complete an application and receive board approval. To keep your volunteer status, you must volunteer at least once a year (be sure to sign in as a volunteer so that your hours are counted). 

West Perry has two types of volunteers, Supervising and Non-Supervising. The board policy has more information regarding the differences between the two, however, if you wish to become a supervising volunteer, you must submit the required clearances. 

All volunteers must complete the Volunteer Application.

If you wish to be a supervising volunteer, you are required to obtain the following clearances:

  1. Act 34 - Pennsylvania Criminal History Certification.
  2. Act 115 - Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Certification.
  3. Act 114 - FBI Criminal History Certification or Affidavit Section 6344.2 (b.1) permits an exception related to the federal background check. Prospective unpaid volunteers that have been a resident of Pennsylvania during the entirety of the previous ten-year period, may complete the West Perry School District Volunteer Affidavit, in lieu of the FBI Criminal History Certification.

    No individual will be approved to serve as a volunteer if the criminal history, child abuse history or FBI criminal history certification required by this policy for which an offense would preclude such individual from being employed.

    Certifications shall be renewed, 1) continuous service, every five (5) years; 2) break in service, the volunteer will be required to submit updated certifications that are dated within twelve (12) months of application.

More information regarding the required clearances and how to obtain them is available on the on the Clearances and Background Checks page on the Pa Dept of Education website.

One step to obtain a Federal Criminal History Record Clearance is to have fingerprints taken. The Perry County Literacy Council offers fingerprinting services on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 AM to 6 PM for pre-registered clients. Contact them at 717-567-7323 for more information. 

You will also need to submit the results of a TB test, dated within one year of the volunteer application, to be considered for a supervising volunteer.