Student Awards

Student Awards
Posted on 08/16/2023
Honored Students

At the August 14th school board meeting, Mr. Kasian, High School Principal, presented awards to several students.

The Mustang Accountable Athlete Award were presented to Jordan Byers, Madison Bell, Molly Zimmerman, and Autumn Albright. This award is for the student-athlete who displays the quality of accountability by working hard and exhibiting the self-discipline to excel on and off the field. The awarded field hockey players were selected to the Nexus National All-Star Field Hockey Team.  In addition, Madison Bell was selected to the Junior Olympic Team, and Jordan Byers will be trying out for the National Team.

The Mustang Noble Citizen Award was presented to Alex Thompson, Shane Thompson, and Abbie Barrick. This award is for the student who is noble in their actions by performing acts of service to help others in dire need. The awarded students, led by Shane Thompson, started a neighborhood lemonade stand where they raise money to help those in need.

The Mustang Smart Student Award was presented to Sadie Innerst, Lila Kretzing Reagan True, Hunter Brennan, Lucian Kretzing, Ty Keller, Rylee Fuller, Dale Pfeil, Olivia Neff, and Reese Fedder. This award is for the student who displays the ability to be an excellent thinker with a creative mind and the ability to solve problems. The awarded students were successful and received recognition at the FFA state competition. Additionally, Sadie Innerst and Lila Kretzing have been selected to compete in the national Agriscience competition.

The Mustang Thoughtful Student Award was presented to Gavin Neff and Julie Loy. This award is for the student who thinks of innovative and practical solutions to make agricultural living more sustainable. The awarded students were successful in the 4H Dairy Competition and receiving statewide recognition.