Community Q&A

The intent of the Community Q&A is to provide a convenient method for West Perry residents to ask questions related to school district policies and decisions and for the answers to those questions to be visible to the entire community.

Before you ask a question, please check the Community Q&A to ensure that your question has not already been answered.

Questions cannot be related to personnel or student matters or request information that is otherwise protected.
Questions should be framed in such a way that they can be directly answered. 
Questions that pertain to a particular building will be referred to the school administrator and may be answered via email.

Once submitted, questions will be reviewed and answered in the order they are received. 
There is no guaranteed response time for submitted questions.
This Q&A does not replace the Right To Know process for official record requests.

West Perry reserves the right to modify or dismiss any question without explanation. Rhetorical questions will not be answered.

Submit a question

When a question is answered, it will be posted on a Google doc (visible below) or you can open the Google Doc in a new window (for full screen viewing).