Into the Woods

Leaving the Woods
Into the Woods CastThis year, West Perry went “Into the Woods” for the musical. Around 60 students participated in the cast and crew.

Artistic director Lindsay Ewing said that “this was the hardest show they have ever done.” The music and length of the show was a challenge.

 In addition to the excellent performances, the set on stage was top notch. Lighting and crew director Patrick Guyer created all of the set pieces, and senior Jordan Ulsh played a vital role in painting the sets.

Executive director Nathan Grippin conducted the pit and assisted with the production. Kendalle Wilt, a volunteer costumer, made sure the costumes looked exceptional, and fit the characters personalities well.
The nerves were high as the clock approached 7:00 PM each night. By intermission, many people were impressed with how the students were handling their roles, and the performance as a whole.
Overall, “Into The Woods” was a fantastic musical played by amazing West Perry students, and the outcome was extraordinary! The musical brought in a total of 1,567 tickets in 4 performances! “Into the woods, then out of the woods, and happy ever after.”

Written by WPHS student Kaitlynn Smiley

Jack, Cow, Baker and his wife

Cinderella, Jack, Red Riding Hood

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