West Perry Middle School

Home of the Mustangs

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Our school year is well under way and the teachers and students are hard at work. I may not have been here for too long but in my short time I have already figured out that we have an awesome staff and incredible students at West Perry Middle School. Our teachers have had a lot thrown at them with new schedules and a lot of new curriculum, but they are handling it great and things are going smoothly. The students have definitely noticed the changes in our school but they have quickly adapted to the changes and we don’t seem to have any issues.

As the Assistant Principal, one of my main jobs is to keep our children safe and to ensure that they are in a learning environment that encourages thinking, creativity, and fun. The middle school years can be tough for some students, but I feel that if we all work together we can help the students to be successful and happy throughout their time here at WPMS. 

Please be sure to contact me if you ever have any concerns or questions when it comes to your children or our school.
Mr. Steven K. White 
Last Modified on September 30, 2016