Carroll Elementary

Home of the Mustangs

 WELCOME to Carroll Elementary School Library


        You can access Carroll Library's Card Catalog at:                   

 Mrs. Stambaugh will have Library Classes at Carroll School on Days 1& 3 

DAY 1: K Mrs. Pugh, 1st Mrs. Bower, 2nd Mrs. Jones, 3rd Mrs. Sieg, 4th Ms Barrick, 5th Ms Doland

DAY 3: K Mrs. Sheriff, 1st Mrs. Succa, 2nd Mrs. Saylor, 3rd Mrs. Thompson, 4th Mr. Maggs, 5th Mrs. Wolfe

Mrs. Stambaugh's Contact Information (717) 582-4256 or via email at

A huge thank you to the volunteers who helped make Carroll Elementary Book Fair such a success!

Last Modified on January 12, 2017