August 2016

Another Year

Posted by Micheal O'Brien at 8/9/2016

The path of a child's education is defined by grade levels, school years and transitions between buildings. Looking into this concept you will find that some students will be in the same building as last year but move to the next grade down the hall or to a different floor. Some will define their grade level by a noun, like junior or senior, some will enter school for the first time as a Pre-K or kindergarten students, while other groups will be moving to the middle school as 6th grade students or the high school as freshmen, if you prefer 9th grade.

So it really isn't just another year. No, it is much more than that: it can be the first day of a 13 year journey, the first day of the last 180 days for seniors or for most of our students, it will be somewhere between K and 12th grade. Each year we expect our students to grow and develop. Parents and school staff evaluate academic achievement, mold behavior and observe social changes. It is also special for parents and guardians as they put their prized possessions on the bus for the first time, send them off to the middle school or realize that their "little" one is entering high school. Throughout each year, as we watch every step they take, parents wonder with pride about the future. What will my son or daughter grow up to become? What will they do? Who will they hang out with? What will the teacher or principal be like? All those questions are important and sometimes scary. Together we can join forces to make this year a success. I encourage parents and guardians to attend the back to school activities, attend school events and join us at our Board meetings. Important information will be shared that is specific to your child's building, grade level and class. Board meetings provide valuable information about state and federal law, mandates from the Pa Department of Education, district initiatives and many other topics.

In summary, it really is not just "another year." It is a very important year in the growth and development of your child. Please come to meet our fantastic teachers and administrators. Together we can ensure that your child will have an outstanding year!