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Overview of the West Perry  War Memorials

America has been built upon the sacrifices of men and women, who believed in the ideals of freedom, democracy, and self-determination.  In the modern age, America has been the foremost protector of these ideals on a global scale.  Unfortunately many Americans take these ideals and the sacrifices required to gain and maintain them for granted.  It is for this reason that the students and faculty of the West Perry High School have deemed it vital to honor these brave men and women through the creation of war monuments dedicated to their memory.


Each of the monuments was designed by West Perry High School Students, and were a part of a cross-curricular project involving history, art, English, and music in the design, construction, and dedication.  During the construction, a time capsule was buried at the base of each of the monuments, containing artifacts from friends and family members of the veterans and items connected to the creation of each of the monuments.  When these capsules  are opened, the items will be dedicated to the Perry County Historical Society for their archives.


           We have not been able to locate another school in the U.S. that has a permanent monument on their campus for each of these major conflicts.  We have also recently discovered that we have created the only known monument to the conflict in Somalia and the Battle of Mogadishu.   

Last Modified on November 9, 2011