West Perry School District

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Parents and guardians may review Keystone and PSSA Exams if they believe they may be in conflict with their religious beliefs by making arrangements with the School Test Coordinator once the exams arrive at the school. Confidentiality agreements must be signed,and no copies of the Keystone Exams or notes about exam questions are permitted to leave the school.


If, after reviewing the Keystone or PSSA Exams, parents or guardians do not want their child to participate in one or all of the exams due to a conflict with their religious beliefs, they may write to the school district superintendent prior to the beginning of the exam(s) to request to excuse their child from the exam(s).


Parents may make an appointment to preview the exams for one full week prior to the start of the testing window. Requests for religious exemption to the Superintendent must be made in writing at least one full day before testing begins.

Testing dates are available on the West Perry School District website “Assessment” page.