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Ten Year Olds

Below you will find a list of characteristics for typical ten year olds. Keep in mind that not all children develop at the same time and will progress through these stages at their own pace. However, if you have concerns about your child’s development, it is important to talk with your child’s doctor. 

 Characteristics of a Typical Ten Year Old

Is energetic                                                               Does not want to be “different”


Is usually awkward                                                     Often changes likes and dislikes


Strives to be physically fit                                         Likes to play in small groups


Is eager to learn and is                                              Becomes more and more self

proud when he/she does well                                      conscious


Is concerned about personal                                      Gives in to peer pressure easily



Wants approval for being “good”                               Goes back and forth between 
child and independent 



Taken from:  http://www.childrenshealthnetwork.org/CRS/CRS/pa_devninyr_pep.htm


Learning Activities


Ten Year Olds

·        Provide reading material geared toward child’s interests

·        Teach and encourage child to use logical thinking and problem-solve

·        Continue to spend time with your child

·        Provide child with his/her personal space

·        Allow child to select own style of dress and hairstyle, within reason

·        Provide opportunities for appropriate social interactions

·        Provide opportunities for child to continue to explore his/her interests in the arts, sports, etc.


Taken from:  http://www.dshs.wa.gov/ca/fosterparents/training/cdevguid/cdg11.htm