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Scoliosis Screening

  Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine, most commonly found during the adolescent growth period.  The Pennsylvania Department of Health has adopted regulations requiring each child in grades 6 and 7 and age appropriate (11 and 12 years of age) children in ungraded classes to be screened for scoliosis.
   The effect of scoliosis depends upon its severity, how early it is detected, and how promptly is is treated.  Early identification and management of scoliosis is the purpose of the state screening program. pamphlet
The screening is simple and non-invasive. 
       1.   The student is asked to take off any extra clothing such as sweatshirts and sweaters. 
       2.   The student stands straight with their feet even, looking forward.  The screener stands behind the student looks for unequal distances or unevenness of the shoulders, arms and hips. 
       3.   The student is asked to bend at the hips/waist and reach for their toes.  The screener then looks for any humps of the shoulder blades or unevenness in the hips.
   The school nurse screens children in 6th and 7th grade during the school year.  If your student was assessed for scoliosis by a physician (private or school), that assessment is used in place of the annual screening.  If you do not want your child to participate in this mandated screening, please contact the Middle School Nurse.

Last Modified on June 28, 2011